The Establisment of Gençlerbirliği

It is accepted that playing football in Ankara was occured in 1917. The first football clubs were found in 1920 and the names of the new teams were Sultanî İdman Yurdu, Ankara İdman Yurdu, Anadolu Sanatkârangücü, Talimgâhgücü, Bahriyegücü. The founders of these clubs consisted of mainly soldiers and students.

Ankara Football Union decided to establish an official league called League of Ankara in 1921 and the first official game was acted on 26 October 1922 between Anadolu Sanatkârangücüand Talimgâhgücü.

The name of Gençlerbirliği (Union of Youngsters) and the colors of the team has very interesting background in the history of the establishment. In Ankara, there was a team calledSultani, and It was the team of Ankara High School which still existed by the name of Atatürk High School today.

There was a controversy in the team between the coach and the talented players, because the players were thinking of that those were taken out of the regular squad by the decision of himself unfairly and they were angry with the coach. One of these players was called Asım and his father was a member of the Turkish National Assembly at that time. They requested a meeting with him for telling the problem, the decision was that the parliament member can help them to establish a new team for playing in the league. Thus, it was kind of revolution of youngsters against the decision of old coach.

The name was chosen related to this idea as well, Gençlerbirliği means Union of Youngsters. It was registered by this name officially. On the other hand, there was no discussion about the colors of the team before and it was necessary to decide the shirts of the team when the registry is done officially. The players went to a shop all together in closer bazaar in Ankara and they could find only one type of shirts for the team and it was Red and Black. So that the name of the team had already decided as Gençlerbirliği with Red and Black colors in 14 March 1923.

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