The Establishment of Bursaspor

The date: 1st June 1963

It was the milestone of the history of Bursa football. Bursaspor was established officially in 1963.

Bursa City Amateur Football which gained two championships of Turkey league until that time was in trouble times in the sense of that there was need of new targets should be decided.

The reason for that mainly about the First League of Turkey which was started in 1959 was great excitement all around Turkey. The Second League was also generated at that time. Bursa as a big city of Turkey and also known as Bursa people are very interested in sports should take worthy place in these newly emerged organizations.

The President of Turkey FA was contacted with famous people of Bursa Football and firstly Bursa Merinos was chosen to be a professional team, but they did not want or meet the requirements for that in that year.

The amateur football clubs of Bursa, which were also in financial crisis, was gathered together to establish the strong team to compete in the professional leagues. Those clubs were namedAcar İdman Yurdu, Akınspor, Çelikspor, İstiklal and Pınarspor. You can see the colorful signs of these teams in the recent logo of Bursaspor, which has five stars, that are colored black, red, yellow, green and blue. They show the history of Bursaspor establishment by gathering of five different teams.

You can see the logo of five different amateur teams of Bursa City which were gathered to create Bursaspor in 1963.

Bursaspor started to play in professional league as first step of long endless road by 1963-1964 season, in the Second League White Group. (The second league had two groups, white and red at that time.)

The colors of Bursaspor, Green and White comes from the fruitful lowland of Bursa which is seen Green, and the peak of well-known mountain of Marmara region in Turkey called Uludağhas snow most of the times in the year reflects White.

The most important dates of Bursaspor history:

1986 winning Turkish FA Cup
2010 winning Turkish Super League

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