The Establishment of Ankaragücü

While the Sultan Abdülhamid banned the football playing in Istanbul city, they who are the workers of the Military Production Industry were playing football with having a scout on the hill next to the area. Ankaragücü is based in Ankara, but it was originally founded in Istanbul in 1910 as Altin Örs Idman Yurdu by Agah Orhan and Turan Sanatkaragücü was founded by Şükrü Abbas, when the ban was removed. The clubs competed in the Istanbul Friday League.

MKE (Makine Kimya Endüstrisi) Ankaragücü was established firstly as one alone team by two clubs Altınörs İdmanyurdu and Turan Sanatkarangücü joining together in 31st August 1923. It was named Anadolu - Turan Sanatkarangücü with Red and White colors in Ankara after the independence war of Republic of Turkey.

In 1926, After the removal of previous team because of the events in one match, the new team was generated by the name İmalat-ı Harbiye sport club with Yellow and Dark Blue. The colors were originated from regional grape type, Misket grape's Dark Blue and The regional melon fruit which was colored as Yellowish colors.

The name of team was changed again in 1933 after the congress, It was AS-FA Ankaragücü Gençlik ve Spor Kulübü (Youth and Sport Club). Unfortunately, the team was again removed from the civil leagues, because of the military-civil relations in 1943. The leagues were seperated as Military league and Civil league.

The club name was changed for one last time in 1948, with both sides settling on Ankaragücüin the congress about forming a team to play in public leagues.

The logo of Ankaragücü has characteristic view which is come from the history of the club,İmalat-ı Harbiye, (Military Production) company workers were involved in this team both as fan and players in the beginning of its years. The main framework of the logo is also generated from the horizontal bullet apperance, it can be also related with the roots of the team.

The most important dates of the club:

1972 Winning Turkish FA Cup
1981 Winning Turkish FA Cup

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